This is my first 1k I’ve ever hit with any account. Thank you so much everyone. All of you mean a lot to me and I wouldn’t be doing what I am today if it weren’t for you guys. You guys inspire me to continue my editing career, as I am aspiring to do as a profession. I never thought I’d make so many friends in this fandom. There are so many people I can call my Hooligan family or more famously as the Hooligang. You guys are just amazing and I couldn’t ask for better friends. This fandom is where I belong, I know that. Thank you for welcoming me in open arms and being there for me through everything so far. I love you all.

Individual Thank You’s (Hooligang):


I’m gonna break your arm you hatch tag nasty. Literally when you followed me I was on the verge of tears. I never expected someone like you to follow me. Your edits and gifs are so great, mine could never be that good. You are funny as hell and I love seeing funny things from you on my dash. You a true playa homie. PEACE.


YIS FADDA, your laugh is the sunshine to my life and your voice is like butter to my ears. I never thought I’d be friends with you, because of my stereotypical judgement at first. Bruno is takin’ us to church on the daily. I love you fadda.


Bruno is such an asshole, god why do we even like him ILYSM


Listen gorl you a tru friend yo. You put up with my Hanson spasms. You listen to my rants. We both are anxiety freaks and you know what? That’s okay. It’s okay to worry about stuff. I got’chu gorl. Peace. Love. Blessings.


(chest bumps then points at you) Movies. Marilyn Monroe. Audrey Hepburn. 1950s. That’s what’s up punk. (punches a wall) Take me to the hospital my main homeskillet biscuit head. Word.


Betcha didn’t expect this bit, did’ja mah homie? Whaddup doe? I’m out of college for the semester so you send me MirrorMag videos you want edited and I’ll work mah magic baby momma! We still gotta go to Sky Zone and maybe see a movie before/after. Love you. <3


Gorl, you cute. Ilysm and we’ve only been friends for like a week. That’s hardcore yo. Keep it real.

Again, thank you everyone!!!!!!!! ILYSM! <3


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